Dimitar Mišev

Lofoten and Around

Lofoten here we come! Starting with driving from Trondheim to Lofoten we will not miss the mountain with a hole through it. On the way, it turned out that they just decided to refactor the whole road network of Norway.. or at least whereever we drove. The only road to the mountain was closed, while they were blasting tunnels, so we had to change plans: drive some extra 300km around and find an ad-hoc camping place, while waiting for a ferry in the morning.

Looking for a place took a while, as my friend insisted it has to be “as far away as possible from the strange cows strolling across the roads”

… but anyway, we figured it out eventually, and got to the amazing mountain (Torghatten) the next day. In the hurry to get back in time for the ferry that will take us back, we did the whole sight seeing including hiking up and down in less than an hour. So the hole went horizontally through the mountain. Essentially a very big cave with a huge exit at the other side of the mountain. Pretty neat shortcut. There’s my friend at one side of the hole; click on the photo for higher resolution view.

Honestly though, a bridge we encountered on the way was far more interesting. I was too slow to take a photo as it appeared quite unexpectedly along the way, so let me just try to describe it. Imagine you’re driving, and a huge hanging bridge appears. It goes up first and very near on the other side there is a very steep mountain, so there is an epic optical illusion where it feels like you are driving straight into the mountain wall.. at the same time the mountain is wrapped in some mystic clouds and the weather is eerily calm. Until the bridge starts going down and abruptly turns right in front of the mountain and we are left in awe.