Dimitar Mišev

Bremen at Twilight

Most of the time Bremen, a major city in Northern Germany, is gray and flat. The 18% gray card is a perfect description of the typical Bremen sky mood ;-)

But then when the sky clears up and the sun does come out, it more than makes up for it. The center of Bremen especially pops out and shines, I mean they really did a fine job here – it’s probably one of the prettiest across Germany (no surprise some parts are a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Especially so in the twilight, when the ambient and artificial lights blend in. The perfectionist in me was a bit annoyed though that the old Rathaus is not so symmetrically lit up (notice top-left). Bremen city department for maintenance of lights on old buildings (I’m sure this is a single word in German :)) seems not so careful.

A short walk via the interesting Bötcherstraße and we reach the Weser. Fun fact (Wikipedia never runs out of these): “The Weser river is the longest river whose course reaches the sea and lies entirely within German national territory”. Whoa, speechless.. what an amazing river!

On the right is the beginning of Schlachte, a promenade with many bars, restaurants and boats-turned-into-restaurants. Right now it’s not very attractive yet, but soon as the summer approaches and it gets warmer this place quickly becomes a favorite for the people of Bremen (Bremenians?). I mean, who doesn’t like a view like this (twilight easily lasts til 11pm in the summer!), while sipping a cold beer?